Alice Taylor-Kedzierski was nineteen years old when she married Dennis Kedzierski and the two would go on to have a son named Tommy. After their son didn't return home from school, Alice mourned her loss while her husband held his grief alone. She always kept her own counsel. If her heart broke whenever she looked at her husband, she would not mention it, but down inside, she'd never admit it, and all she wanted in the world was for her husband to be himself again. When Black Bolt detonated the Terrigen Bomb while battling Thanos, Alice was affected by the Terrigen Mists due to her Inhuman lineage. After emerging from her cocoon, she accidentally enlarged her husband, causing Alice, two of her neighbors, and her house to shrink to the Microverse. Alice, with the help of Wasp and Wonder Man, was able to enlarge her house and her neighbors and shrink her husband back to their original proportions.[1]


Relative Size Manipulation: Alice possesses the ability to alter the size of objects around her by exchanging their mass. Thusly, she can make things larger by making other things smaller and vice-versa. When her power first activated, she accidentally made her husband a giant while shrinking her house into the microverse with her neighbors and herself in it.

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