Her earlier life probably mimic her mainstream counterpart's. Along the years, she kept oppose to Kitty Pryde, for the post of Mayor of Chicago.

After the alien attack on the X-Men across the world, Alice Tremaine, as Purity representative, accused them to be the cause of the damages. Those accusations made the US president and his council fear about a race war, and consequently placed the Nimrod Sentinels on full alert to prevent any escalation.[1]

As Kitty was working to solve the crisis, among the X-Men, Alice kept scoring in the opinion polls, as she was considered to care about them and not exclusively about the mutants.[2]

During the live debate at the Reynolds Club of the University of Chicago, Alice kept on a racist line, accusing her adversary to be a monster, while Kitty stayed on her line.[3] The murder of Jake Delillo, a young Pryde's supporter beaten up by several Purity members was analysed by Alice Tremaine as the proof of the danger to mix by force two species.

The results of the elections were close, and when Kitty Pryde collapsed when she heard about her victory for the post of mayor of Chicago, Alice hoped that she would die, and denied her the traditional conceding phone-call.

Twenty years later, Alice, now the Speaker of the House of Representative, met the president Pryde, former mayor of Chicago and governor of Illinois, and apologized for her past ideology. She even attended to the commemoration of Charles Xavier's twentieth anniversary of passing and century since his birth.

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