The past history of Alicia Masters on Earth-30987 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart up until prior to the original Secret Wars. A divergence occurred when the Thing of Earth-616 took possession of his past self in an attempt to change history so that he could marry Alicia Masters instead of his best friend Human Torch in his own time.

When Ben asked Alicia to marry him she accepted and when the kidnapped heroes returned from the Secret Wars, the wedding went on. During the ceremony the Thing grew guilty over robbing Johnny and Alicia of future happiness and called the wedding off at the last possible moment. Ben then fled the wedding and had his ally Thundra return him to his own time.[1] Alicia's subsequent fate is unknown.

  • Around the this time on Earth-616, Alicia Masters was replaced by the Skrull spy known as Lyja while most of the Fantastic Four were off fighting in the Secret Wars. [2] It is unclear if this was the case on Earth-30987 or not.

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