The past history of Alicia Masters of Earth-774 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart up until the point which Bruce Banner was transformed into the Hulk. In this reality, Bruce retained his intelligence when he transformed into the Hulk.

Reed Richards asked Banner to help him cure his teammate Ben Grimm of being the Thing. The process was a success and Ben pursued a normal relationship with Alicia and the two lived together in the Baxter Building.

Their happiness would be short lived as the Earth was soon be menaced by Galactus, forcing Reed, Banner, and Charles Xavier to use their Psychotron device to merge into a single being known as the X-Man. The X-Man defeated Galactus, however Richards, Banner and Xavier were rendered powerless and Ben was mutated back into the Thing. Stronger than ever before, and now having a seething hatred toward humanity, Ben ran off to terrorize humanity leaving Alicia far behind[1].

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