On Earth-9061 history took a much different course during World War II. In this reality, Russia had taken full control of Germany after the defeat of Axis powers in 1944. This difference in history resulted in the Cold War continuing on well into the modern age of this reality. [1] When Russian leader Josef Stalin died, the Russian government created a robot with the help of Hollywood movie producers to resembled their leader and led the public to believe that Stalin continued to live thanks to cybernetic enhancements that kept him alive and vital. [2]

This reality also had its own version of the Fantastic Four. Alicia was in a relationship and eventually married the FF's Thing. Recently, the Stalinbot was used to escalate hostilities between the United States and Russia during a period where the Fantastic Four of this reality were off trying to destroy the Bubble at the Heart of Time in the future of Earth-8810. While they were gone the Fantastic Four of Earth-616 arrived in this reality from their own mission to stop the Time-Bubble, believing this to be their native reality. When Alicia returned home she initially through these visitors from a parallel universe to be impostors, but eventually was convinced of the truth. She then informed the visitors of the differences in her reality to theirs. When the Fantastic Four learned that the Russians were planning a nuclear strike and the United States were also planning on retaliating. Mister Fantastic created a number of Electromagnetic Pulse guns to stop this reality from being destroyed in nuclear Armageddon. [1] The Fantastic Four disabled the weapons and stormed the Stalinbot's stronghold and battled it. Eventually defeating their foe, they discovered his true nature and Reed discerned who invented him. Reed then reprogrammed the Stalin bot and confronted his puppet masters. He then threatened to reveal the true origins of their "great leader" in order to discredit the Russian government. The Stalinbot soon chose a successor before appearing to die of a heart attack. Unable to stop this change in political leaders lest their secret be revealed, the Stalinbot's puppet masters allowed this to happen. The new Prime Minister of Russia then brought an end to hostilities. With the threat diffused, the Fantastic Four departed for their native reality, leaving Alicia behind to await the return of her reality's version of the Fantastic Four. [2]

At the time the Fantastic Four of Earth-616 traveled to Earth-9061, their own Alicia Masters had been replaced by a Skrull spy named Lyja. [3] It is unspecified if the Alicia Masters seen on Earth-9061 is the real Masters woman or a Skrull spy.

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