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The origin and history of Alicia Grimm-Masters and her relationship with the Fantastic Four appears to be on par with her Earth-616 counterpart.

Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters finally married shortly after the mutation of the Earth's population due to the Terrigen Mists and after the Fantastic Four split following the deaths of the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch.[citation needed]

Either before or during this time Alicia herself had mutated and gained the ability to give life to the lifeless. She and Ben married and eventually settled down in a home on Yancy Street, and gave birth to two twins boys: Buzz and Chuck. Due to a side effect caused by the Terrigen Mists, all humans Earth had become sterile. It is not known if the boy's births were natural or instigated by Alicia's new found abilities.[citation needed]

The Grimm family lived together in relative peace. Alicia began using clay left over from the her step father (the Puppet Master) to create the clay Marvels, life sized sculptures of Earth's many defenders during its age of heroes. These Marvels were usually charged with doing the house work and cooking. Among these clay Marvels were renderings of Captain America, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Namor and various members of the late Avengers.[citation needed]

Alicia Grimm was approached by the artificial beings Him and Her, who had heard of Alicia's abilities. They asked her to aid them in creating a child of their own. Alicia did so, not knowing that this was part of a plan by the long dead Kree hero Captain Marvel to resurrect himself in the land of the living.[citation needed]

Right after completing her task for Him and Her, Alicia played host to the Inhuman Royal Family who had just returned to Earth and came with a warning from space and with questions regarding the mutation of Earth's population for Reed Richards. They came to the Grimm household to find out what had happened to the Fantastic Four.[citation needed]

Later she played host to a number of heroes who later gathered at the Grimm residence in order to prepare for a counter attack against the Skull who was using his powers to enslave everyone he met. Alicia's clay Marvels played an important part in the eventual defeat of the Skull.[citation needed]

Following the Skulls death, the defeat of the Celestials in New York harbor, and the creation of the Human Torches to burn the Terrigen Mists from Earth's atmosphere, Alicia and her family relocated to Castle Doom in Latveria to live with Reed Richards.[citation needed]

There she helped Her give birth to her child, who was actually the resurrected Captain Marvel. Shortly after this the child had to be put into hiding in Atlantis. Her was kidnapped by an angry mob and soon became a prisoner of the group known as the Tong of Creel.[citation needed]

The Grimm family lived with Reed over the next three years, until Mar-Vell asked Reed to bring him back to Latveria. There, with the aid of Him's Soul Gem and Alicia's sculpting skill and super-human abilities, they were able to create a new body and resurrect Susan Richards using one of Reed's own arms.[citation needed]

Alicia remained at Castle Doom, although she was present during major gatherings of heroes, such the death of Captain America and the wedding of Medusa and Captain Britain. She usually seemed to be around right at times when her husband said something that got him into trouble with the "Mrs."[citation needed]



Due to her exposure to the Terrigen Mists, Alicia has gained the ability to give life to the lifeless. The exact extent or limitations to these abilities are unknown. Using her powers she's been able to give life to sculptures made out of the radioactive clay once owned by the Puppet Master. These beings appeared to have no minds of their own and would follow the commands of at least the members of the Grimm family. It is unknown if the unique properties of the clay that these Marvels were made of aided in the creation of their life. Additionally, Alicia has used her powers to aid in the impregnation of Her. The exact process has been unrevealed and is unknown. As she has given birth to her own children (Buzz and Chuck) after being exposed to the Terrigen Mists, it could be possible that her abilities can counteract the side of effect of the Terrigen Mists that make humans sterile. Finally, she used her abilities to aid in the creation of a new body for Susan Richards out of the arm of Reed Richards. It is unknown how much of her special abilities was actually used and how much Susan's resurrection had to do with Adam Warlock's Soul Gem and Mar-Vell's manipulations in the Realm of the Dead.[citation needed]

Reed Richards has suggested that Alicia Masters has been mutated before her exposure to Terrigen Mists. While arguing the the nature of humanity with Uatu the Watcher, Reed suggested that Alicia's first mutation was her ability to "see" the inner good of a person, or perhaps "see" what they would be like without a Celestial seed inside them. Which would go as far as to explain how she could fall in love with the Thing, or be able to care for a creature like the Silver Surfer. This theory of a previous empathic ability has some validity when considering Alicia was blinded by an explosion caused by the Puppet Masters radioactive clay, however proof of this theoretical mutation is as yet unavailable.[citation needed]



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  • Alicia uses the radioactive clay once used by the Puppet Master. This clay used in combination with her ability allows her to give life to the objects that she sculpts. She has used this clay mostly to sculpt life sized statues of her world's super-heroes during the early points of their careers.

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