Franklin's new earth included recreations of many of the heroes' allies and foes. Among these recreations was one based on Alicia Masters, long time ally of the Fantastic Four and long time romantic interest of the Thing.

Although this pocket universe was instantly created, its inhabitants were given memories that "pre-dated" the creation of this reality. Alicia was a master sculptor, having her own studio in New York City. Like her counterpart, Alicia is blind.

She first encountered the FF during the invasion of New York City by the warriors of Atlantis. During the battle, she converted her studio into a make-shift hospital for the innocent bystanders who were injured in the conflict. The Thing (Ben Grimm) was knocked into Alicia's studio while trying to fight the gigantic sea monster known as Giganto. Ben, still sensitive about his newly monstrous appearance, was taken back by Alicia's beauty and shocked to see that she showed concern for him instead of running away in fear[1].

Ben fell for Alicia and they eventually set up a date. However, before they could go, Ben was called off to Latveria to battle Dr. Doom and the Super-Skrull. Later he was injured battling the Hulk on Avengers Island. While recuperating in the hospital, Ben was visited by Alicia who was very understanding about being stood up by Ben as he did so to save the world twice. She expressed how proud of him she was.[2]

The couple soon went on their first date to the American Museum of Natural History, where a colleague of Reed Richards was displaying the Makalu Tablet. The date was crashed by a group of Inhumans seeking to reclaim the tablet, sending Ben and the Fantastic Four off to Attilan to save their colleague the Human Torch who the Inhumans had captured.[3]

Alicia took Ben to Central Park to do a sculpture of him. This date was also cut short, this time by the Heralds of Galactus, sending Ben and the FF on a mission to stop the world devourer from destroying the Earth.[4]

Shortly after this conflict, Ben was forced to return with the other heroes of back to their native home world. The fate of Alicia remains unrevealed.

  • The circumstances surrounding her blindness are unrevealed.

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