Appearing in "One Planet at a Time"

Featured Characters:

  • Alien Legion
  • Four-Arm
  • Gell
  • Jugger Grimrod
  • No'Or
  • Sarigar
  • Sbellik
  • Slyph
  • Tamara
  • Tonk
  • Triptak Spal-Volman
  • Vander Verder Kringe
  • Zeera
  • Zeerod
  • Bakelis
  • Vreel




Synopsis for "One Planet at a Time"

Force Nomad is forced to crash land on Bakel II. A giant super-weapon has destroyed the ship called the Revenge, and Nomad is concerned that they may set their sights on the Piecemaker. To make matters worse, the Bakalli ships are attacking the Piecemaker and Captain Sarigar is doing everything he can to clean the Bakalli off his ship. His medical scientists discover that the Bakalli are being influenced by a sentient virus known as the Vreel. The Vreel-bonded Bakalli are driven insane and rampage throughout the ship.

Back on Bakel II, Force Nomad has its own concerns as they fight through swarms of planetside Bakalli. Tamara radios her daughter Zeera and has them get in touch with the Piecemaker. Captain Sarigar sends out a drop ship to pick Nomad up.

Meanwhile, Commander Triptak Spal-Volman, disgraced before the others for his incompetence, intends on salvaging his honor by calling on a debt owed to his family by the S'Thanth Brotherhood.


  • This limited series is part of Marvel's "Heavy Hitters" line under their Epic imprint.

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