Appearing in "The Bite"

Featured Characters:

  • Force Nomad
    • Nomad Squad
      • Major Sariar
      • Lieutenant Torie Montroc
      • Tamara
      • Meico
      • Rmil
      • Gakk (Death)
  • Jugger Grimrod

Supporting Characters:

  • Towpi
  • Guy Montroc
    • Servant Robot


  • Shod
  • Un-named Legionaries in Lockup
  • Un-named Assasins

Other Characters:

  • Unknown Legionaries


  • Earth-98140
  • Arrios IX
    • Legion Training Camp
  • Line Star III
    • Legion Prision
  • Ophidian System
    • Solus System
      • Planet Aret
        • Tolla Vak (Captital City)



Synopsis for "The Bite"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

Force Nomad and Torie Montroc's father know all about the corruption that's brewing in the Galarchy government. In fact, they know a little too much! The Legionnaires may be able to take on hordes of Harkillons in a head-on battle, but can they escape a hidden assassin?

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