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Many species through space have developed their own mutant races.

In one 2099 possible future (Earth-32098), Xavier even gathered a galactic alliance of mutants, including the humans and Skrulls from his X-Men and Cadre K, and many other unidentified humanoid species.

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Beginagains, Chosen and Rejects[]

On a planet far from Earth, the Celestials visited and evolved the native species into super powered beings, who began to segregate between the Rejects, physically deformed beings and the Chosen, eugenicists and more humanoids. Also, a third group, the Beginagains, members of both factions who rejected the destructive habits of their kind. They were evaluated by the Celestials, so-called "Space Gods", who returned four times and judged both groups, finding them acceptable and leaving them to progress until their next appearance.[1]

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The known mutant Brood are either natural-born benign Brood such as Broo, able to feel compassion,[2] or star-ray induced mutants with various abilities.[3]

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Centaurian mutants are rejected by their kind who saw them as demons (or "Kavkov").[4]
The only known Centaurian mutant is Photon, who possessed both flight and optic blasts.

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Coconut Grove[]

At some point, the Coconut Grove species was stagnating in it evolution, and sent Ariel to collect several mutants for study. Eventually, it was discovered that Ariel was herself a mutant with persuasion powers (independently from her science-based gate-linked teleportation powers).

Ariel's mutation is hereditary.[5] She stated as well that "the ability to convince people of things they wouldn't ordinarily believe sort of runs in [her] family."[6] She is however the only known and confirmed Coconut Grove mutant, but her relative, also named Ariel was seemingly gifted in the same way.

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Sporr (Fomalhauti) (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 1 257 0001


While normal Fomalhauti are small and whitish in color, each member of the now mutant race was pinkish and reached nearly six times the normal Fomalhauti size and mass.[7]

The Fomalhauti mutants are presumed extinct as of now.[7]

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The known mutant Kree, all pink-skinned Kree, are:


Zzzxx was stated to be a unique Symbiote mutation.[12]


The Landlaks have produced only one mutant,[13] Tyros, known as Terrax the Tamer. He was provided with geokinesis.

The rest of their race appears to be telepathic, without being themselves mutants.[14] Tyros himself has never shown that ability.

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On Earth-92131, before the birth of Humanity, on another planet, the race now known as the M'kraan developed individuals who could be referred as mutants. That species of cosmic mutants then evolved a step beyond mutants, becoming the Celestials.[15]



Negative Zone Mutants[]

The alien species of the Negative Zone can develop mutants as well.

Dartayus inhabitants (blue-skinned four-fingered, pointed-eared, red-eyed humanoids) can seemingly produce mutants. The only known example as far was Kologoth Antares, who demonstrated multiple physical mutations: a reptilian-like appearance, fangs, claws, horns, and a prehensile tail. Those mutants are rejected by their kind.[16]

In Earth-13729, the Future Foundation opened a school branch in the Negative Zone but were overwhelmed by nearly four million attendees. As the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning was closing down due to a lack of students, Phoenix (Quentin Quire) met the FF who asked him if he knew where they could transfer some of the students, to which Phoenix answered that he could deal with the mutants of those, around two million students. He then sent them to Logan, forcing him to reopen the School.[17]


The mutant class of Rigel are "barbaric" underground dwellers Riggelians originated from disastrous experiments, deformed both from mind and body. Considered inferior by the other Riggelians, they lack females to carry on their species.[18]

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With her genetic throwback granting her a full set of wings, Deathbird was considered a mutant.[19]

In one 2099 possible future (Earth-32098), Xavier even gathered a galactic alliance of mutants: the Universal X-Alliance, including Cyclops/Apocalypse posing as a Shi'ar member of the Alliance.[20]

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Cadre K (Earth-616) from Bishop the Last X-Man Vol 1 15 001

The Mutant Skrulls


The Mutant Skrulls, also named by the Skrull authorities "K-Class Deviant Skrulls", were tracked and killed. They were eventually gathered into Cadre K by Charles Xavier.[21]

On the planet Carpiax IV, the local lord, Merrek, set up fecundity-supplement programs which resulted (apparently) in a higher percentage of mutant births.[21]

To be noted that even though Skrulls have suffered experimentations from the Celestials making them diverge into Deviant Skrulls, Prime Skrulls, and Eternal Skrulls, their "mutants" are all seemingly a sub-type of the Deviant Skrulls.

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Saurian aliens[]



Warlock's "mutant nature allowed him to experience emotions foreign to other Technarchy".[22]

His "mutation" is taken more or less in the first degree:

  • Polaris considered that "technically Warlock [...] [isn't mutant].".[23]
  • In the opposite way, Steven Rogers considered him to be a mutant.[22]


The "Star-Stalker" was mutant, possessing powers such as the ability to fly through space or to drain energy, such abilities lacking from the common Vorms.[24]

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Wing-Men of Mars[]

Chak of the Wing-Men of Mars was a beakless, nigh-human, individual of his species.[25]




Five and a half billion years ago, Maht Pacle was an alien of an unidentified species, obsessed with killing whatever he hunted. He was also a mutant of his species, whose biological systems were focused on his body's preservation, causing his adult body to not age. He became the Elder of the Universe known as the Obliterator.[26]


Powers and Abilities


Variable for most of the mutants.
Able from understand and express sentiments such as compassion for the Brood and Technarchs.



Average Strength Level



Variable. Intolerance and hatred from their main culture.



Variable. Mostly Earth or Earth-like environment.


Variable. Mostly Earth or Earth-like.


Variable. Mostly Earth or Earth-like.


Type of Government


Inapplicable among Inhumans, Eternals, Coconut Grove.

Level of Technology

High for the Chosen.
Low for others.

Cultural Traits




  • Reptyl, who considered humans, humanoids, and mammals to be the same, and opposed them to the reptiles and reptilians such as he or the Skrulls, considered all of the former as mutants.[27]

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