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General Aliman Lor was the first democratically elected president of the African nation of Akima, after a war for independence during which he sided with rebel forces, overthrowing its unelected governor Adrian Warsame. However, he was suspected for war crimes executed during that time.

He visited New York City when he was set to adress the United Nations, for Akima to be recognized as a country. His vehicle was attacked by an unnamed hitman, but Lor's death was prevented by Moon Knight. The hitman activated an EMP which shut down a major part of New York, in order to slow Lor down, and chased him while Moon Knight pursued the hitman.

During an opportunity to talk with the hitman, Moon Knight learned that he was a part of a recon team sent to Akima by the UN, and witnessed Lor's crimes. The hitman promised the families of the victims that Lor was going to pay for his crimes. One of the hitman's benefactors was Elisa Warsame, the daughter of Adrian Warsame. Moon Knight still stopped the hitman, as Lor's death wouldn't have served justice.[1]

When Aliman Lor was finally going to adress the United Nations, Warsame, now bestowed with the powers of Khonshu, manipulated UN Security officer Gloria Roza into attempting to murder him. However, her plan was thwarted by Marc Spector, the civilian identity of Moon Knight, at the cost of being blamed for the attack.[2]

Warsame managed to later kidnap and keep Lor prisoner for days with the help of mercenaries, demanding him the fortune that formerly belonged to her father. Moon Knight arrived just in time to prevent her from choking Lor to death.[3]

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