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Alisha Whitley is an Inhuman, who at some point in her life, went through Terrigenesis. She was a loyal follower of Jiaying, typically acting as security for the Inhumans. Alisha became one of Jiaying's boarding party when the Inhumans attacked the Illiad. Alisha was effective in helping to commandeer the ship through her sheer number of copies. She was defeated when her fellow Inhuman, Lincoln, jolted her with electricity conducted through a handrail that she was gripping.[2]

Later, Alisha teamed up with S.H.I.E.L.D. and sent a double of herself to California in order to warn her fellow Inhumans from Afterlife, Shane and Lori Henson after the Terrigen mist outbreak, but her double was killed along with the other Inhumans by Lash and she felt death which resulted in a mental breakdown for her. Phill Coulson placed her in a local care unit in the Playground in order to recover from her trauma.[3]

Alisha later fell victim to the ancient Inhuman known as "Hive after he returned to Earth. Hive used the tiny parasites that made up his body to turn Alisha into one of his brainwashed Inhuman followers.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Duplication: Alisha has the power to replicate herself, creating a number of copies that can then operate autonomously. The copies communicate conventionally, although they are also bound to their creator to some extent, as should Alisha be rendered unconscious, all of the duplicates will also slump to the floor.


Martial Arts: Alisha has demonstrated a notable level of skill in unarmed hand-to-hand combat.


Alisha's duplicates are all tied to her original body. Should the original Alisha become incapacitated, so do all of her duplicates.



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