Little was detailed about Dazzler's life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-2149, however it can be presumed that it followed much the same path as her Earth-616 counterpart.

Ashley J. Williams saved her from almost being raped and/or eaten by an infected Winter Soldier. Ash fell in love with Dazzler because of her good looks, but she didn't quite return the feelings. As a way of thanking him for saving her, Dazzler agreed to help Ash find the Necronomicon book that might put an end to the zombies. The duo paired up with the Scarlet Witch to discover that the Necronomicon was being kept at Dr Doom's fortress in Latveria.

Dazzler using her "dazzling" powers

Ash discovered the Necronomicon, but unfortunately it had nothing to do with this world's infection. On his way back he met an imprisoned Enchantress who he released. When he met up again with Dazzler and Scarlet Witch, a very zombified Enchantress attacked from behind. Dazzler succeeded in fending her off, although her finger was bitten off. Dr. Doom feared that Dazzler might become a zombie, so he killed her.[1]

Presumably, when the Necronomicon raised the Deadite army, she too was resurrected, as Dazzler wasn't zombified when she died. It can be assumed that once resurrected the zombie contagion continued to turn her, as she was seen as part of the zombie horde which attacked Magneto's small group of escaping humans, as they tried to reach to Baxter Building.[2]

Though her ultimate fate is unknown, it can be presumed that she was fried when the Power Cosmic Zombies tested out their new powers.


Seemingly those of Alison Blaire of Earth-616.

  • Dazzler appears to be wearing her original Disco Dazzler costume from the early to mid 80s.
  • This series is the first since Dazzler's 1980 solo series to feature the character primarily as a Marvel Comics heroine -- with greater links to superheroes such as the Avengers and Fantastic Four -- rather than as an X-Men member.

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