The past history of Alison Blaire of Earth-21993 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart until just after she crossed through the Siege Perilous.

In this reality, her memory was restored by Charles Xavier, who had just returned from space following his escape from Skrull captivity. He called together the various X-Men teams to express his displeasure at the state they had left human/mutant relations in his absence. This ultimately led to clash between the X-Men and the New Mutants over differences in opinion between Xavier and Cable.

Dazzler participated in the battle until the New Mutants escaped. Following Xavier's assassination at the hands of Cable, the X-Men were divided on how to deal with the rogue mutant. Dazzler joined a group of X-Men led by Wolverine seeking to get vengeance on Cable for murdering Xavier. They ultimately stormed the New Mutants' new base. Dazzler battled the remaining New Mutants until Wolverine slew Cable.[1]

Dazzler eventually defected from Wolverine's team when Magneto gathered an army of mutants to take over the United States. They invaded Washington, D.C. clashing with many of Earth's heroes. In the battle Dazzler took down the Invisible Woman before being knocked out by her husband Mr. Fantastic. Ultimately, Magneto's army won and occupied the Capital Building, until Magneto destroyed a Sentinel carrying a nuclear warhead, killing them all.[2]


Seemingly those of her Earth-616 counterpart.

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