Every human being on Earth gained superpowers when the InhumansTerrigen Mist was released into the atmosphere. Thus, Dazzler and all the other mutants were no longer marked as an outcast race. Free to pursue her career, Alison found the audience’s interest in disco music fading as fewer people came to her shows each year.

Her last performance ended tragically when Mephisto ripped out her heart to cruelly demonstrate that the heroes had made an error in killing Death itself. Like thousands of other sick people, Dazzler suffered from mortal pain, yet could not die.

It is presumable that once Jude the Entropic Man was revived, Dazzler was one of the many humans given the gift of death. However, her ultimate fate is presently unrevealed.


Seemingly those of Alison Blaire of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Alison Blaire of Earth-616.

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