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Alison Mongrain was hired by Norman Osborn in a scheme to acquire the then unborn child of Peter Parker and Mary Jane.[1]

To this end, she took a job at the Daily Grind coffee bar as a waitress, where she added an unknown powder into a bowl of chicken gumbo ordered by a very pregnant Mary Jane Parker. After a short while, Mary Jane went into a very severe and complicated labor, forcing her to have an emergency trip to the hospital.

At New York Hospital, Mary Jane was greeted by Dr. Folsome, who told her that her regular doctor was out of town and that he would be delivering her baby. After the delivery, Mary Jane was worried when she realized the baby wasn't crying, to which Dr. Folsome gave Mary Jane his condolences. As Dr. Folsome left the room with the rest of his staff, including Alison Mongrain, Mary Jane was left to grieve for her thought stillborn child.

Mongrain immediately left for the harbor bringing the "package" with her, where she spoke briefly with Norman Osborn. With her job completed, he had her sent to Europe and told her to make sure that the package was never seen again.[2]

Later, Osborn took control of the Daily Bugle by threatening J. Jonah Jameson's family, and planned to use the Bugle to exonerate the Osborn name. This was after Bugle reporter Ben Urich had written a book identifying Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin, so Robbie Robertson took it upon himself to take the Bugle back from Norman, with investigation having led him to Paris and to Alison Mongrain, who considered using baby May Parker as blackmail against Osborn. But as Norman considered Mongrain to be a loose end to tie up, he implanted a mind control microchip into the back of the neck of Mark Raxton, the Molten Man, causing Raxton pain until Alison was dead.

Once Robbie and Alison returned to New York, they were under constant attack from the Molten Man, as Mongrain wanted to reach the Parker home to give Peter an urgent message. The ground beneath her suddenly erupted with Molten Man's emergence from the sewer, a block of concrete fatally struck Alison in the stomach. Suddenly realizing that the Molten Man was following the necklace that Osborn had given to Mongrain, Robertson threw it away, where the Molten Man destroyed it.[3]

Before she died of her injury, Alison finally told Mary Jane that "May" was still alive, leading Spider-Man to confront Osborn to find his infant daughter. While Osborn told Peter that his daughter was dead, Peter ignored him and stormed into Osborn's hunting lodge, only to find that "May" was really his elderly Aunt May, who had supposedly died nearly a year before.[4]



  • With her primary role as a nurse, Alison knew what substance to use to poison Mary Jane while successfully abducting her child.

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