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Years after carrying out the kidnapping of little May Parker who eventually came to love her, Alison Mongrain decided it was time to return to New York to meet her again.[1]

Arriving at the Parkers home, she silently lurked outside the building for over an hour hoping to be able to see May. Meanwhile, Kaine was on the hunt due to the kidnapping of little May years before.[2]

Alison's stalking outside the Parkers' house bore fruit when she was able to see May grow up and becoming a beautiful girl, then remembered the past when she kidnapped little May on Norman Osborn's orders and came to love that little creature. During his stakeout however, Alison was spotted by Kaine and as he was approaching her, he was attacked by Spider-Man and Alison managed to escape. Not knowing what Kaine's intentions were, after he had agreed with him 15 years earlier to return the child with the promise not to attack Peter, she took precautions by arming herself.[3]

Alison remembers when she kidnapped little May and went on a Mediterranean cruise with her on a yacht supplied by Norman Osborn and how she fell in love with the little one at that time, and to think that before then she couldn't stand children. When the Brotherhood of the Scriers came to take the child, she regretted her relinquished her and received a suitcase full of money as compensation which later turned out to be counterfeit banknotes and left her on the yacht which would explode shortly after, but she was saved by Kaine who in return he wanted to know what she had done for Osborn. Meditating for years about revenge against Norman Osborn who has been dead for 15 years, Alison decided to take revenge on her nephew Normie.[4]

Convinced that she must protect May from the Osborns, Alison decided to eliminate Norman Osborn's heir, his nephew Normie. Just as she was about to shoot Normie, Spider-Girl intervened to stand between the two and immediately after also Kaine and both tried to dissuade Alison from killing Normie but only Spider-Girl succeeded after unmasking in front of her revealing that she was May Parker, then Alison calmed down and ended up hugging the girl she had loved so much as a child.[5]

Having made peace with herself, Alison told May about the time they had spent together after she kidnapped her and how she had begun to love and care for her, then greeted May and asked her if she would see her again and received a perhaps an answer.[6]




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