Alistair Smythe was a humanoid cyborg who worked for the Kingpin, who was working with Spider-Carnage to take over the world by controlling people's minds. Kingpin had suspicions and ordered Smythe to further analyze the machine. The plot was foiled by Spider-Men from different realities. Alistair was webbed up and sent spinning round and round in a robotic chair by one of the Spider-Men.

It later turned out that Spider-Carnage's real intention was to wipe out all of reality but he was stopped by the Spider-Men.


See Alistaire Smythe (Earth-92131)#Powers


See Alistaire Smythe (Earth-92131)#Abilities

Strength level

See Alistaire Smythe (Earth-92131)#Strength level


See Alistaire Smythe (Earth-92131)#Weapons

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