Alix's husband, Dr. Henry Buchanan, was working for Singularity Investigations. As a leading scientist he was developing a modified Legacy Virus to target former mutants.

When Dr. Bachanan's conscience finally overcame his nerves he decided to try to expose S.I. and he asked Alix to go to her sister's cabin in Seattle. Then Dr. Buchanan went to X-Factor Investigations[1], but was unfortunately killed by a brainwashed Strong Guy. Alix began packing immediately, but before she could leave, she was captured by Damian Tryp Jr.[2] Alix was later freed by Layla Miller.[3]

After Strong Guy was deprogrammed, he and Wolfsbane went to her home in Bloomsfield to explain her husband's death. Alix completely forgave Strong Guy, knowing that he was a victim of Singularity just as her husband was.[4]

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