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The Alkama Fields were a border region of Wakanda.[3]


When a drought crippled the area, the revolutionary Tetu summoned a storm to flourish the land.[3] The Alkama Fields eventually became the hideout used by Tetu's army, the People.[4] Unfortunately for the villagers, shortly after the People's defeat, Tetus's drizzle evolved into a constant deluge that drowned crops.

While investigating this occurrence, the Black Panther encountered an army of invading Simbi that emerged from a mysterious portal, and defeated them.[5] Black Panther and Storm later visited the village of Obodo Agha after learning of yet another portal, from which Anansi emerged. After helping Black Panther drive off the Anansi and rescue the villagers they had abducted, Storm found new strength in the Alkamites that worshipped her, and managed to stop the deluge.[1]

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