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The All-Black symbiote was created by the dark god Knull alongside the Scream, Scorn, and Mania symbiotes; and served as Knull's weapons in his war against the Celestials. When almost all the Celestials were slaughtered, the four symbiotes were eager to serve their creator, who unceremoniously rejected them. All-Black and its siblings refused to separate from Knull, who furiously tore them from his body and left them for dead.

Pooling together, the four symbiotes lay dormant on the asteroid where they had been created for untold millennia. Eventually, an alien explorer arrived on the asteroid and discovered the four symbiotes, willingly bonding to them and taking them back to her homeworld. While Scream, Mania, and Scorn bonded to female hosts, All-Black remained bonded to the alien explorer and the quartet became known as the Four Sisters. Reproducing asexually, All-Black and its "sisters" bonded the populace of the planet to their offspring and for a time lived in peace with their hosts.

However, one alien rejected the power of the symbiotes, accusing them of corrupting his people and their culture. Angered, All-Black confronted the hermit and attempted to forcibly bond him to a symbiote, but he fought back and managed to kill her.

Enraged by the death of their "sister", Scream, Mania, and Scorn decided it was impossible for their kind to live in peace and went on a rampage, slaughtering or corrupting the peaceful symbiotes; giving rise to a spacefaring empire and renaming the planet Klyntar after themselves. Taking All-Black's body, the remaining Sisters reforged her living abyss into the Venom symbiote and a fiery symbiote-dragon called the World-Killer.[1][2]



Seemingly those of the All-Black of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the All-Black of Earth-616.


  • Fire: Like all symbiotes, All-Black was vulnerable to flames; and it and its host were killed when set ablaze by an alien hermit.[1]

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