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All-Mother,[2] Shining Women,[3] Mother,[4] Queens of the Realm[5]
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formerly Queen Freyja
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The All-Mother of Asgardia are a trinity of Asgardian goddesses that have taken the All-Father's place ruling Asgard, following his self-exile and abdication following the Serpent's rampage.[6]

These three goddesses represented different aspects of a women's life and have titles to match: Compassionate Gaea, the Mother; Imperial Freyja, the Queen; Youthful Idunn, the Maiden.[3]

As Asgardia left Broxton and Midgard, Freyja took her place as the one true All-Mother, while Idunn was sent to scout for new homes along the World Tree for the Asgardians and Gaea stayed on Earth.[7]

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