Quote1 I detest mysteries. I despise the unknown. Let my liege the Supreme Intelligence solve the riddles and tricks of state and empire. Let Ronan. And the cult tribes that gather at the far reaches of the Kree Empire, worshiping the oracles of the nebula -- seeking answers to their own existence. I have mine. I know mine. I have prey, then I hunt it, and kill or capture. For I am Tanalth, Grand-High Pursuer of the Kree. Quote2
-- "Tanalth the Pursuer"

Appearing in "The Enemy of My Enemy"

Featured Characters:


  • Numerous unidentified Martians (Impersonate chessmen in main story and the Pursuer Corps in flashback; death)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:




  • The High Evolutionary's ship (Recap) (Destroyed)


Synopsis for "The Enemy of My Enemy"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis


• In the aftermath of the KREE’S defeat by the ALL-NEW INVADERS and the loss of the GOD’S WHISPER, TANALTH seeks answers sending her on a cosmic quest and combat with the ETERNAL (and Golden Age Hero) MAKKARI.

• Will Kree warrior and Eternal speedster KILL each other or get the answers they both seek?

• Plus: SAM WILSON’S first meeting with the ALL-NEW INVADERS.


  • Even though the official solicit states Sam Wilson meets the Invaders in this issue, neither he nor they appear in it.

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