Quote1 Do you have any idea who I am? I'm Taskmaster. I can counter anything you throw at me. I can mimic and adapt to any move you make. I can anticipate any blow. I can-- AGGGGHHH!! Quote2
-- Taskmaster

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After Wolverine fights and knocks out Taskmaster, The Sisters get up alive and well, as their body armor protected them from his bullets. While Laura and Bellona argue over when it is okay to kill somebody, Zelda shoots Taskmaster's legs.

The sisters lead Laura to their humvee getaway car and start driving, but are soon found, followed, and shot at. Wolverine then realizes that Captain Mooney must have put a tracker inside her and she cuts it out of her. She then tells the clones to runaway and hide as she leaps out the car and deals with their attackers. After defeating him, she explains to Captain Mooney that the sisters are under her protection for now while he claims them to be Alchemax's property.

Wolverine is successful in finding the sisters once more and they explain that the experiments performed on them are also slowly killing them. Laura wants to help them, but since she figures Alchemax has an eye on almost any scientist she knows who could be of assistance, she takes the clones to someone who cannot be watched without his knowledge - Doctor Strange.

Solicit Synopsis


• It’s WOLVERINE vs. TASKMASTER in this explosive issue!

• Can Laura survive ALCHEMAX’S army of mercenaries?

• What is the devastating secret the SISTERS have been keeping?


David Lopez's alternate cover is an homage to the art of long-time Playboy Magazine contributor Patrick Nagel.

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