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Quote1.png Laura? Listen. I know what you're trying to do. But fight it. Fight whatever's stopping you from unleashing. Hunt them down. Hurt them. Teach them a lesson. They need... they need to understand. They can bring us into this world... but they can't own us. Quote2.png

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  • Humvees (Appears on screen) (Only in flashback) (Destruction)

Synopsis for 1st story

As Wolverine and her clones attempt to steal an Ant-Man suit, they are confronted by Wasp. The situation is explained and Janet agrees to shrink down with Laura to destroy the nanites inside Zelda's body.

Meanwhile Captain Mooney is fired from his position at Alchemax for being indiscreet. Mooney is then informed by two scientists, who do not know that he was fired, that the destruction of the nanites activates a tracker that leads them to the clones and he goes off on his own.

As Wasp and Wolverine work their way through the countless amount of nanites, Zelda wakes up just to be shot by Captain Mooney. The two heroes rush out of Zelda's body and knock Mooney out, but they are too late. As Zelda is dying, she asks for Laura to hunt down the people who did this to her and her sisters. After her passing, Wolverine, Gabby and Bellona make themselves ready to teach them a lesson.

Solicit Synopsis


• Wolverine will have to go where she's never gone before in order to save the lives of her mysterious three "sisters!"

• Along her journey, Laura will have to team up with an ally she never expected, and one who has seemingly sworn off the life of a super hero...

• Say hello to the original Wasp, the one and only JANET VAN DYNE!

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