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Quote1.png I really want to hurt you. But Wolverine wants me to be a good person. Zelda wanted me to be a good person too. Despite everything you did to us, I want to be a good person. Quote2.png

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  • The Sisters' Humvee (Destruction)

Synopsis for 1st story

Captain Mooney manages to arrive at the Alchemax facilities in a car he stole where he tells the scientists about his previous encounter with Wolverine, her clones, and the Wasp. Director Chandler explains that Mooney has probably been followed and revealed their secret base.

Laura and the sisters make their move and attack the base. Bellona appears to be shot dead by Alchemax security while Laura and Gabby escape. When Alchemax employees attempt to examine Bellonas body she turns out to be Wolverine in disguise who threatens the scientists to send all their data about what they have done to the clones to a S.H.I.E.L.D. server. As Laura leaves the room to reunite with her clones she purposely activates an alarm to let Mooney know that she is in the building.

When she meets up with the sisters Wolverine calls Maria Hill to inform her about Alchemax whereabouts. After Laura and Bellona swap their costumes again they split up. Laura goes looking for Chandler while Bellona and Gabby hunt down Mooney. As soon as they find him Bellona ignores Wolverines commands by shooting Mooney dead and says goodbye to Gabby.

Meanwhile Laura finds and injures Chandler. She is soon joined by Gabby who explains that Bellona simply is gone. When Wolverine leaves Gabby and Chandler alone for a moment Gabby tells Chandler how she is trying to be a good person for Laura, but also threatens him with a bone claw she pops out to make a point about how close she came to hurt him.

Later on Bellona meets with Kimura, who explains that Alchemax had stolen from her and that Chandler's arrest was part of her plan for revenge, as well as that she was the one to free the sisters from the lab. She also reminds Bellona that she wants the technology she is carrying inside of her.

Solicit Synopsis


• Watch out! Wolverine is on a rampage!

• Faced with a ticking clock, Laura will stop at nothing to bring justice to those who have been denied it.

• The tragic conclusion to the mystery of the three sisters!

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