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Laura Kinney (Earth-616) from All-New Wolverine Vol 1 7 001.png
Laura Kinney
Squirrel Girl. Why are you here? And why have you brought a wolverine?
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Doreen Green (Earth-616) from All-New Wolverine Vol 1 7 001.png
Doreen Green
It's a matter of life and death, but I thought what I had to say would come across better if you had an animal's perspective.
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Laura Kinney (Earth-616) from All-New Wolverine Vol 1 7 001.png
Laura Kinney
If I...? I can't talk to wolverines!
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Gabrielle (The Sisters) (Earth-616) from All-New Wolverine Vol 1 7 001.png
Of course you can talk to wolverines. Anyone can. Hello, understandably irritated animal.
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Appearing in "Father Lost"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Wolverine (Logan) (Only in flashback)
  • Galactus (Mentioned)
  • Jonathan (First appearance)
  • Trent's father (First and only known appearance)
  • Trent (First and only known appearance)

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Father Lost"

While dreaming of Logan leaving her back at the institute, Laura is woken by a growling right outside her apartment. Ready to attack she opens the door where she is greeted by Squirrel Girl who decided to show up with a wolverine named Jonathan. Furthermore, she informs Laura that when she had put a tracker on a squirrel - who happens to be a father - that squirrel was chased by the men who had followed Laura and is now missing. Wolverine agrees to help save him. Gabby wants to join as well but Laura tells her to stay home since she wants her clone to have a more normal life than she had at her age. Laura also expresses that Gabby's stay should only be temporary until they have found her a proper home.

Later, Laura tracks a scent of the missing squirrel to a hotel. She finds him in a shoe box in a boy's room. Wolverine and Squirrel Girl return him to his missing family and depart after exchanging phone numbers.

When Laura returns home she tells Gabby that she should have taken her with her and that they should stay together. Gabby shouldn't experience the loss of Laura and they belong together.

Solicit Synopsis

• The battle has been fought, and won—but at what cost? As Laura and Gabby attempt to move on with their lives, Wolverine's past seems destined to catch up with her, and wreak havoc.

• Logan's legacy has cast a long shadow, how can Laura hope to step out of it?


  • Squirrel Girl takes a selfie with Wolverine on her phone which has an acorn logo on it, similar to the apple logo on Apple products.

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