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Appearing in "We Specialize In Helping People."

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Synopsis for "We Specialize In Helping People."

Wolverine stops Gambit from stealing a statue. Remy is reminded that he is a teacher and his recent behavior is unacceptable. Later that night, he spends some time in a bar where he is found by Polaris who suggest to go to a coffee house where she asks him to go accompany her to Virginia.

As Remy and Lorna sit in one of Serval Industries' jet planes, a missile is shot at them which Lorna lets explode with a snap of her fingers before it can hit them. As Gambit asks to why someone would attack Serval Industries, Polaris explains that the company is into a variety of things, yet focuses on helping people, which some individuals seem to have a problem with. At Serval Industries Linda Kwan who works for public relations welcomes Remy to X-Factor. Harrison Snow, CEO and president of the company also introduces himself to Gambit, explaining how he bought the name X-Factor from Jamie Maddrox. He further explains that he has a lot of things worth stealing that need protection which is why he assembles a team of superheroes for the good of his company. Quicksilver also drops in, telling Lorna and Remy how he had a falling out with the Avengers and wanted to join this new team after he tracked down Polaris to Serval Industries. Lorna accepts him as a teammate while Gambit is suspicious of him being a spy for the Avengers.

X-Factor is then sent to their first mission to find Doctor Terrance Hoffman as Harrison suspects him of illegally experimenting on mutants while working for A.I.M.. The team arrives at A.I.M.s base and start knocking out guards. Dr. Hoffman gets informed by this when he is about to cut open Fatale.

Solicit Synopsis

“NOT BRAND X” Part 1

X-FACTOR IS BACK… LIKE NEVER BEFORE! Serval Industries, one of the world’s most trusted names in electronics and leader in cutting-edge internet and weapons technology, has just unveiled their newest contribution to society…the All-New X-Factor. Led by mutant mistress of magnetism, Polaris, the team uses its corporate backing for the betterment of society. With her half-brother Quicksilver, notorious thief, Gambit, and more by her side, can Polaris trust that her corporate masters really have good intentions?

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