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Synopsis for "Let Me Go First, Lorna, I'm Their Freaking King."

While Havok and Quicksilver are playing pool in a bar they discuss how Pietro is Alex's eyes and ears in X-Factor, because he is concerned about Polaris, his girlfriend.

Meanwhile Harrison Snow explains to Linda Kwan how he had a cybernetic nanobot installed in Lorna's right eye and is now watching footage of X-Factors last mission.

At Gambits apartment Polaris loses control over herself for a moment. When one of Remy's cats scratches her hand she lifts him up by his collar but calms down again after Remy tells her to let him go. The two mutants are then asked by Harrison to accompany him to Serval Industries main computer room where they meet Doctor Anton Wexler, whose computer has been hacked. He reports that ten million dollars have been stolen from the companies bank account. He further explains that he found the hackers location, the stolen island, headquarters of the thieves guild, of which Gambit is still the head.

After X-Factor departed, Harrison Snow goes to the cell where he is holding Dr. Hoffman, offering him a job at Serval Industries.

Having arrived on the island, Polaris and Quicksilver are introduced to Jean Luc, a father-figure to Gambit, who brings them to Nil, a technomancer who hacked Serval Industries. Nil explains that his powers weren't enough to hack Serval, which is why he used Danger for tasks impossible for him. Because Nil refuses to let Danger go, Polaris uses her powers to free her from the spell Nil put her under. As Danger is freed however, she starts attacking everyone.

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