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Quote1 If you're trying to see which one of us can make the other one more angry... you win. The difference between us is you project illusions... sure, good convincing illusions! I project reality! Your darkest fears! The real you! Quote2
Past Jean Grey

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Synopsis for 1st story

When Jean tries to intimidate her enemies by creating an illusion of her as Phoenix, it backfires as Wolverine gets ready to attack her and she has to let the illusion go away. The X-Men keep on fighting Mystiques brotherhood and Hydra. When the Avengers arrive, Hydra, Lady Mastermind and Mystique are defeated while Silver Samurai and Sabretooth have managed to escape.

When Maria Hill comes to the Cage to inspect Mystique however, Raven seems to have already escaped using a helicopter.

Solicit Synopsis

• Jean Grey vs. Mastermind! • Years ago, one run in with this famous Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member was the beginning of the end of Jean Grey.

• Will history repeat itself?

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