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Quote1.png When were you going to tell me that you're in love with me? Quote2.png
Past Jean Grey to Past Henry McCoy

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Synopsis for 1st story

Jean Grey and Rachel Summers meet each other for the first time. After quickly reading each others thoughts however, they avoid each other.

Jean then goes on to train her telekinesis under the instruction of Beast from the present. As she lifts up Wolverines motorbike and breaks it down into its individual pieces, she is distracted by Cyclops and Iceman of the past driving right by her in Wolverines jeep to have some fun in the city. All the pieces fall to the ground and Jean and Hank have to put the bike back together manually. As they do, Jean hears how he thinks about regretting never making an approach to be with her romantically. Jean then walks up to Beast from the past who is working in a lab and asks him when he had planned to confess his love. Hank complains about how this situation is unfair, that she is going to marry Scott someday. But after Jean states that she is not in love with Scott, she and Beast embrace and kiss.

Later Jean looks at an invitation to her and Scotts wedding that she keeps in her room.

Meanwhile Scott and Bobby visit a street festival where they get recognized by a group of girls, who seem to be quite fond of mutants and ask the two a lot of questions. After the two mutants stop a car chasing they see Wolverine approaching them and say goodbye, as Dazzler, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., watches from the shadows.

Solicit Synopsis

• Love is in the air!

• Cyclops heart and future start to fade before his eyes.

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