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Quote1 Playtime is over, X-Men. You're about to see something else you're probably not ready for. Quote2
-- Shadowcat (Katherine Pryde)

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Synopsis for 1st story

Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman and Beast of the past and Kitty Pryde accompanied by Lockheed arrive at Cyclops new school for mutants. Cyclops from the present explains his new students what Weapon X was and gives them a chance to meet the other students and have a look around. While Jean gets to her room, Celeste expresses her dislike of her. Afterwards Jean approaches Beast and notices his anger towards her. Hank admits that he disliked that Jean ran away with Scott when the X-Men of the future arrived while Jean argues that fleeing was the right thing to do. Their argument is interrupted by Scott who tells them that Kitty wants to see them.

As Scott is the only of the students who Kitty wanted to see who actually appeared, she sends him back to his room to rest. After Scott leaves, Kitty has a moment to talk to Illyana and reconnect with her. Two days later Kitty summons the original X-Men again so Illyana can magically give them new, updated costumes. As Kitty explains that they need to train as hard as possible, Jean only hears Scotts and Hanks thoughts, which eventually make hear freak out, resulting in her flying for the first time on her own. She is, however, put back on the ground by Angel.

Beast then gets an alert from a portable cerebro he had built and connected with the one Magneto had built. There is trouble with a mutant in Florida and the X-Men get ready to depart.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The X-Men are shaken to the core by the Battle of the Atom. So much that we can’t show you the cover of ALL-NEW X-MEN #19!
  • Kitty Pryde is particularly is shaken by the events of the X-Men crossover. With her students gone, what is Kitty to do?

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