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Quote1 Hey! We're the Guardians of the Galaxy and we're here to-- #%@&!! We're too late, aren't we? Quote2
Starlord (Peter Quill)

Appearing in "Trial of Jean Grey: Part 1 of 6"

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Synopsis for "Trial of Jean Grey: Part 1 of 6"

In the cafeteria of the New Charles Xavier School Jean and the young Cyclops have an argument as they have been through a lot and find it difficult to process.

Without a warning the school is attacked by Shi'ar. The X-Men defend themselves but Jean ends up getting kidnapped. Kitty is confused as the Shi'ar are supposed to be their allies. Then the Guardians of the Galaxy show up and Star-Lord realizes out loud that they have come too late.

Solicit Synopsis

“The Trial of Jean Grey”

The arrival of the original X-Men in the present sent shockwaves through the Marvel Universe, but we’ve only seen the effects on Earth. When alien races learn that Jean Grey, host of the destructive Phoenix Force, is back on earth, they do something about it. Now it’s up to the rest of the All-New X-Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy to save Jean Grey from twisted intergalactic justice! Don’t miss two of Marvel’s biggest franchises crossing over for the first time!

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