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One year ago Mystique gave birth to Xavier in Cambridge while posing as Moira MacTaggert and decides to abandon the baby.

In the present, Raze reveals to have impersonated a wounded X-23 so he could get close enough to injure Triage, as he is the X-Men's healer. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood damages the facility's generator and Xorn knocks out the Stepford Cuckoos telepathically. In the meantime, the X-Men are successful in defeating Raze. Emma Frost, Cyclops and Jean Grey ask themselves how some members of the Brotherhood can be back alive when Jean gets attacked telepathically. Emma decides to knock her out for their own safety.

Many years in the future, Xavier accidentally kills his adoptive mother when his mutant powers first develop. Some time later Xavier meets up with Raze for the first time in Madripoor and reveals that they are both the sons of Mystique which makes them half-brothers and they decide to work together.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from "Battle of the Atom" are back and still gunning for the ALL-NEW X-MEN!

• Jean Grey came back different from her trial. What does this mean for the rest of the X-Men?

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