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Quote1 If you knew... everything... what is about to happen wouldn't be happening, you bastard. Quote2
Marvel Girl

Appearing in 1st story

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  • Age of Apocalypse (Mentioned) (Only in flashforward)
  • Age of Ultron (Mentioned) (Only in flashforward)
  • Age of X (Mentioned) (Only in flashforward)
  • Age of Aquarius (Mentioned) (Only in flashforward)
  • Age of Enlightment (Mentioned) (Only in flashforward)

Synopsis for 1st story

In the future Raze and Xavier track down Hank McCoy to ask him about Charles Xaviers X-Men to correct what has happened in the past.

After Xavier gathered his own Brotherhood who he manipulates to follow his order - except for Raze - to fight the X-Men, only to be defeated, he contemplates how to get back his inheritance. Raze suggests to go back in time and beat the X-Men before they become too powerful and send themselves a message into the future in case they are defeated. As he talks to Xavier about this, they receive such a message with instructions. Xavier realizes they need to kill Jean to destroy the X-Men.

In the present Xavier tells Jean how much he hates the X-Men for disrespecting his fathers legacy and acting selfishly in a telepathic conversation. Cyclops and Emma Frost, who are with Jeans unconscious body, are confronted by the Brotherhood simultaneously. Xavier fights Jean telepathically but she informs him that she has got a new trick up her sleeve while X-23 jumps up behind him to attack.

Solicit Synopsis

• The future Brotherhood of Evil Mutants make their next devastating step against the sanctity of the X-Men.

• Plus, more on the new mysteries surrounding Jean Grey!


  • When Beast first meets Raze, he asks him about his parents. At first Raze sarcastically answers that his father is Batman, before telling Beast that it is Wolverine.

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