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Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

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Synopsis for 1st story

On Earth-1610 Dr. Amadeus Cho and Tony Stark discuss keeping a portal to another universe open when it suddenly collapses in on itself.

Meanwhile on Earth-616, Angel and X-23 get back to the school after a night out together while their teachers have teleported away for the reading of Charles Xaviers testament. After a short time the X-Men of the past and Laura set out to help a mutant in need of help detected by Cerebro.

They arrive to a young panicked girl in Austin with the ability to open portals. When the X-Men try to convince her to come with them, she sends them away with her newfound power. Iceman finds himself in a hideout of the Mole Man while Jean reappears in New York City, greeted by Spider-Man of the Earth-1610.

Solicit Synopsis

• ICEMAN UNLEASHED! Young Bobby Drake takes to the offensive!

• For someone who's said she doesn't find him particularly pleasant to be around, Laura seems to have taken an odd interest in Warren.

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