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Quote1.png An alternate Earth. Now I'm in the wrong time and space. Quote2.png
Marvel Girl

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Synopsis for 1st story

Angel appears in the Savage Land greeted and questioned by Jimmy Hudson while Beast landed in Latveria and X-23 arrives in the middle of a football field. When Laura is found out to be a mutant as she pops out her claws, she runs away, chased by police.

Meanwhile Iceman fights off Moloids in the underground of New York City. At the same time Jean realizes that she is on the wrong Earth when reading Spider-Mans thoughts. He leads her to where a portal was previously open to her Earth, but Dr. Amadeus Cho is there to tell the heroes that it closed itself.

Solicit Synopsis

• Dimension-hopping is something of an X-Men rite of passage and it’s about time the All-New X-Men took the plunge!

• I guess you don’t always have to travel Miles away to visit a new place…

• But will the web they find themselves tangled in Ultimately bring about their end?


The cover of this issue is an homage to X-Men #139.

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