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Iceman can escape from Mole Mans underground hide-out but is followed by a giant creature under Mole Mans control.

Meanwhile Angel and X-23 find each other at the Weapon X Facility, where they are found by Jimmy Hudson, who has picked up Warren's scent. As they open the doors, Angel and Laura realize they have not arrived at their school and Jimmy reveals himself to be Logan's son.

At the same time Beast tries to escape from Victor van Damme but is recaptured an questioned about the Earth that he is from.

Meanwhile Miles and Jean borrow Gankes mother's car to get to Westchester. On their way, Jean shows herself frustrated, thinking she has failed as the X-Men's leader. At the Xavier Institute they are greeted by this world's X-Men.

Solicit Synopsis

• Traveling to alternate universes seems to be a rite of passage for any young mutant calling themself an X-Man...

• And it looks like it’s the All-New X-Men squad’s turn to pass the test! But will it Ultimately be too much for the time-displaced youngsters?

• Guest starring MILES MORALES, this is a showdown you won’t want to miss!

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