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Quote1 I'm okay. Great day to find out I'm an untrained psychic. Quote2
Past Marvel Girl (Jean Grey)

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Synopsis for 1st story

Cyclops and Magneto come face to face with the five original X-Men. Cyclops begins running the various possibilities of how this came to be through his mind, while Magneto calls for whomever caused this to step forward. Jean begins losing control of her telepathy as she cannot filter out Cyclops' thoughts. She lashes out at them with her telekinesis and, in the process, knocks Cyclops' visor off, causing him to lose control of his powers. His younger self attempts to stop him, but is overwhelmed by the force of Cyclops' blasts. The other X-Men rush to attack him, but Magneto helps him and calls for Illyana to teleport them away.

Eva and Christopher are checking out the Weapon X base, while introducing themselves to each other, when Cyclops and Magneto return. Cyclops storms off and Magneto tells Emma what happened and asks her if she did this, which Emma vehemently denies.

Meanwhile, Kitty Pryde and Iceman treat the dying Beast and Kitty accuses Iceman of giving Beast the idea for bringing the original X-Men back. Meanwhile, the original X-Men try to wake up a passed out Jean, who again loses control of her telepathy and is overwhelmed. She suddenly regains control of herself and the team argue about what they should do. Angel argues that they should go back home and forget this ever happened, but he is outvoted and the team decides to return to the mansion.

Emma goes to comfort Cyclops and they both agree that the only person who could have done this is Beast. Emma observes that since he cannot kill Cyclops for killing Xavier, he's going to punish him instead. Meanwhile, Wolverine and Storm argue about what they should do with the missing X-Men, when they return. They both claim to be the ones in charge at the school, and Beast tells them to stay out of his way while he tries to save his future self. Beast requests his latest medical files, but before he can begin his work, his future self goes into cardiac arrest.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Original 5 X-Men come face to face with their counterparts…and it isn’t a peaceful meeting!

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