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Quote1.png Yes, but, you don't know why. Not really. Because I came here from the past, got stuck here, and I got a real good look at the nightmare that my life will become. And that is not exaggeration. That is fact. The story of me takes a horrible, horrible turn somewhere down the line. While everyone was focused on Jean and Scott, I did a little digging into me. And it's so bad. First no one would actually talk to me about me, which was unnerving... Then I met me. I actually met myself. And it scared the living Hell out of me. So I said to myself, the first legitimate chance I have at making me different... The first chance I get... I would take it. And I took it. This--This is my do-over. Can you relate to this, at all? Quote2.png

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  • Unnamed Pirates (Death)

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Synopsis for 1st story

A group of men make their way to the ruins of Utopia to gather and later sell leftovers when they are attacked by mutants.

Meanwhile, the young X-Men are glad to be back on Earth. However, when Bobby makes a remark about Magiks attractiveness, Jean pulls him to the side to confront him about the fact that she read in his mind that he is gay. Bobby first denies any such thing, stating that his older self is not gay, but Jean is sure of what she heard him think. Iceman finally admits that he is gay, as he is in a more tolerant era now and can better cope with his sexuality.

Later Angel takes off with Laura as he noticed she is mad at him. She admits that she does not like Warren keeping his cosmic abilities, but he explains that after knowing of what happened to his future self, he was desperate to change his destiny. He also confesses his love to Laura., to which she passionately kisses him.

In the meantime, Maria Hill is informed about the recent activities on Utopia. When a team arrives at the island flying an aircraft, they are shot down by the group of mutants.

Solicit Synopsis

• Who are the Utopians? And what secret do they hold that pertains to the future of mutantkind?

• The All-New X-Men may regret finding out!

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