All-New X-Men Vol 1 41 Textless
Marvel Girl
But here's the problem, Miss Hill... Why couldn't these Utopians live there?
Conversation Tail
Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 514 page 00 - Scott Summers (Earth-616) - B
Why were they under attack?
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Henry McCoy (Earth-616) from All-New X-Men Vol 2 8 002
Why after all we have been through is no mutant safe from attack?
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Legendary Star-Lord Vol 1 9 page 5
How come the Avengers can set up shop anywhere they want and everyone is cool with it?
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Death of Wolverine The Logan Legacy Vol 1 2 Textless
But mutants... With mutants it's always hit first, ask questions latter.
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All-New X-Men Vol 1 31 Textless
It's enough to make people a little paranoid, yeah?
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Phillip Coulson (Earth-616)
Phil Coulson
They were lying.
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Maria Hill (Earth-616)
Maria Hill
Not about the last part.
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Synopsis for 1st story

Maria Hill arrives at the New Charles Xavier School for Mutants to ask the X-Men for help, concerning a mutant problem on Utopia. Magik teleports her team to the island, where they are encountered by the Utopians - Masque, Random, Elixir, Boom-Boom, Karma and Madison Jeffries - who argue that Utopia is their home and they have been defending it. While it comes to a fight between the two groups of mutants, Jean telepathically communicates with Karma, to understand her perspective.

Later the X-Men offer the Utopians a place at their facility after telling director Hill that they have vanished. The X-Men are left to wonder why, wherever they go, they never seem to be safe or in peace.

Solicit Synopsis

• Who are the Utopians? And what secret do they hold that pertains to the future of mutantkind?

• The All-New X-Men may regret finding out!

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