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Quote1 We're not going back. I've seen what is going to become of our lives. I've seen everything that gets us to this point. I'm not having it. No. We go back, and Charles Xavier, you said it, Charles Xavier will read our minds and know what Hank did here, and he will mind-wipe all of this from us. We'll never know that no matter what we do in the course of our lives as X-Men... we end up in torture and disaster. And disaster. All of us. Everything we're going to go back and fight for ends in my death, Charles Xavier dying, and Scott becoming everything he says he despises... and if that's the way it's going to be, if that's our destiny, then we have to make sure it was worth it. We have to right things here. We have to do what we set out to do. We put things the way they're supposed to be, and then we go back. Xavier can mind-wipe the hell out of us. Hell, I'll do it myself. Quote2
Past Jean Grey to the X-Men

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While the present Cyclops recruits a new mutant whose power involves gradual evolution and shapeshifting to develop the mutant powers of others in his vicinity, the past Jean uses her new telepathy to help the two Hanks make mental contact with each other. After Beast is convinced to tell Jean about what she will experience in the future, Hank manages to determine a means of treating his future self's condition. Out in the courtyard, Scott is uncomfortable about the harsh stares he is receiving from the other mutants, and is nearly pushed to tears when Wolverine publicly threatens to kill him unless someone steps in (to which no one does), before the two Hanks emerge from the school, the older Hank now fully cured and reverted to a more human-like appearance. Although Wolverine is in favor of the original team returning to the past where Xavier can erase their memories, Jean refuses to depart until they have saved the future, with the rest of the team with the exception of Angel, who wonders where his present self is in this scenario voting in favor of her decision. With Kitty Pryde volunteering to take responsibility for the past X-Men, past Scott attempts to talk to Jean, but she orders him to stay away from her.

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Story continues in Uncanny X-Men (Vol. 3) #1

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