Quote1 To me, my X-Men. Quote2
-- Cyclops (Scott Summers)

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Synopsis for 1st story

The time displaced X-Men are seen in the Danger Room doing an exercise on a Sentinel attack. Jean is using her telepathy to read peoples mind without their consent, much to the annoyance of Shadowcat. Jean reveals Cyclops's meeting with Mystique much to the anger of Wolverine. Meanwhile, Mystique infiltrates the Raft prison with Sabretooth and breaks Lady Mastermind out by offering her riches. To avoid the guards, Lady Mastermind creates an illusion that the guards are being attacked by Zombie Avengers. At The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, the adult Cyclops appears with Magik, Emma Frost and Magneto proclaiming " To me my X-Men!", the slogan of his late mentor.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Original Five X-Men get new costumes! Series main-artist Stuart Immonen returns! Mystique makes her big move.


  • Despite the solicit synopsis claiming the past X-Men receive new outfits in this issue, this does not actually occur.

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