Quote1.png Heh. Heh. Heh. Girl has at least one thing in common with the real Wolverine. That guy -- didn't know how -- to stay down -- either. Quote2.png
-- Blob

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Synopsis for 1st story

Angel shows himself worried as he throws Wolverine through a window into a building to stop a heist in Tokyo, where this team of X-Men realizes that their latest actions have made them popular across the globe.

Meanwhile at the European Union Exceptionally Rare and Exotic Zoological Park outside Paris Blob knocks out and steals an animal with trades of both a wolf and a spider.

Later the X-Men put out a fire in the Sequoia National Forest in California where Wolverine goes through the flames, burning herself, to rescue a woman.

Even later on the team calms a storm in Thailand where Laura almost drowns to save a puppy.

Laura and Warren then have dinner in Paris, where they start to argue because Angel dislikes how much she has been hurting herself lately to save the day. Their conversation is however quickly interrupted as they notice panicked people running out of a nearby restaurant where Blob threatens a chef to prepare a meal for him from the exotic animal he has brought before him. Wolverine jumps in to attack Blob, but he manages to beat her up brutally while he traps Angel under the weight of the animal and he can only watch.

Solicit Synopsis


• Reunited at last, the All-New X-Men hit the road on a mission to write their own futures and be the heroes they believe mutantkind needs most.

• But for one X-Man, being a hero means perpetually leaping into harm’s way, even when it means suffering grievous injury.

• When the unstoppable All-New Wolverine runs up against the immovable Blob, will her self-destructive instincts get the better of her?

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