Quote1.png Will you teenybopper X-Men let me @#$% eat?! Quote2.png
-- Blob

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Synopsis for 1st story

Blob decides to leave Wolverine and Angel to eat someplace else. On his way he encounters and punches Beast. A short time later, with Hank now holding on to him, he runs across Cyclops.

During that time Bobby is in a shoe shop with Evan, where he and a vendor flirt a little before Bobby awkwardly leaves to get some crepes. Evan joins him and lets him know he does not judge him for flirting with a guy after the X-Men have been so accepting of him. Bobby admits that being gay is a huge deal for him since he witnessed how his older self kept it a secret for so long and he does not want to end like him. Their conversation then is interrupted by the appearance of Blob with Beast and Cyclops attacking him.

Meanwhile Oya visits the Notre Dame de Paris to yell at God. She complains about how she was taught that God was good and righteous, except if you are different. Idie had hated herself and had wanted to die but she came to the conclusion that she and her friends are just people. She ends her talk as Iceman flies through a window and she joins her teammates to fight Blob.

At the same time, Laura has healed and stand up again as Warren explains that he wants to break up with her.

Solicit Synopsis

• Which is more stubborn: A teenage X-Man or a homicidal villain whose power is literally to render himself immovable?

• Find out here, when the ALL-NEW X-MEN take on THE BLOB!

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