Quote1 We have to find Scott. He's in trouble! Big, bad, serious trouble! Quote2
-- Genesis

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The X-Men continue their fight against Blob in front of the Notre Dame until Idie uses her powers to throw him further away from the church. While the rest of the team follows Blob, Toad arrives to knock out Genesis and kidnap Cyclops.

Meanwhile Blob wrestles with Beast, though Blob appears clearly superior. Because Dukes makes a remark about Hank not looking like his counterpart from the present, Beast wonders whether he is wasting his potential and is unable to keep up with modern technology.

Finally, Angel manages to defeat the Blob by not holding back and even stabbing him in the eye with a piece of nearby debris. After the fight Genesis arrives at the scene to tell Bobby and Idie that Cyclops has been taken.

Solicit Synopsis

• In the wake of terrible acts committed by the adult Cyclops, mutantkind is hated and feared more than ever.

• And try as he might to divorce himself from his predecessor’s legacy, some believe that the young Scott Summers is destined to grow up and commit those sins.

• Now, there’s one mutant who believes that he can spare mutantkind if he prevents Scott from becoming that man.

• Will the young Cyclops’ story end here?

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