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Quote1 Why do I smile all the time? Why don't I have any bad days? Because... what happens when my friends see the clone of Apocalypse looking sad or depressed or angry? Do they start to wonder? Do they start to worry? Do they start to fear? Who could blame 'em? Worst-case scenario with me -- has always been Armageddon. I'm not saying it's all an act. I am a pretty happy guy and I like my life. I really do. But I smile -- because I have to. Quote2

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The ALL-NEW X-MEN’s entry into “APOCALYPSE WARS” starts here! The ALL-NEW X-MEN are on a mission to step out of the shadows of their predecessors and write their own futures. And none are more determined to forge their own way than Evan Sabahnur, who is allegedly destined to one day become the genocidal villain APOCALYPSE. But now, by way of an unintentional intervention by his teammate Beast, Evan is brought face-to-face with Apocalypse himself…and also brought face-to-face with the question he’s been running from: Can you escape your destiny?


X-Factor Vol 1 6

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