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Quote1.png Operation Firefly consists of sensitive information that, for reasons of my own, I would like to remain secret. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to keep it that way. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Days of Glory"

As her grandfather lies dying on the floor, Alyssa is approached by Loki, the Norse god of mischief. He wants to know the name of the person trying to contact her about Operation: Firefly. Somehow the person has been able to keep himself concealed from the powerful god, and he isn't happy about it. Loki apparently has some connection to Operation: Firefly and would like to keep its sensitive information secret for his own reasons. Before leaving, Loki tells Alyssa that should this anonymous person contact her again, to tell him that he would like to speak to him in person.

After Loki departs, Alyssa gets an ambulance for her grandfather who has suffered a massive heart attack. On the way to the hospital, Bryon dreams about his time in Guadalcanal in 1942. Nearly a week after they first landed, the unit continued to face strong opposition from the Japanese forces. Cortez, Davey Drew and "Jap-Buster" Johnson were tasked with driving the enemy out of their underground tunnels, but the unit became surrounded when Japanese soldiers attacked from a trench to the East. Cortez ended up absorbing too much energy and couldn't contain it, accidently injuring Slo-Mo and Captain Strong before the unit recognized what was happening and began to fall back. The injured Jones tells Merzah that he can hold off the incoming Japanese while he gets everyone else to safety. But the typically racist Captain Strong has developed a grudging respect for Jones, who has shown his mettle in battle, and saves him. Drew and Johnson, however, were so caught up in their bloodlust during battle that they did not fall back with the others, despite the repeated warnings of Cortez for them to move away. As a result, they are both caught in the blast when Cortez released all of the stored up energy.

While at the hospital, Bryon's last thoughts before passing away were of his friends dying on the battlefield and the discrepancy between the stories about them in the comic books and their real stories, left on the battlefield and never told. There is a small turnout for the Young Avenger's funeral, including; Alyssa, Steve Rogers, Sergeant Byrd, Slo-Mo Jones and a couple of other wartime veterans, which made the minister's sermon somewhat ironic when he stated "For who among us can truly leave when they are so loved?"

Rogers gives Alyssa his condolences, saying that he always thought highly of Bryon. Alyssa then tells him how she was in the midst of writing her grandfather's memoirs and asked him about Operation: Firefly. Rogers says that he had never heard of that particular operation, admitting that he wasn't part of the unit for long, having passed command to Sergeant Byrd after the unit had passed through the Ardennes. Alyssa then catches sight of Slo-Mo and chases him, though even at his advanced age, and using a walker, the man can still move quickly enough to disappear before Alyssa can reach him.

On her way home from the funeral, Alyssa is again contacted by her mysterious "friend." This time he somehow manages to communicate with her through her car stereo, warning her to act natural as there are government agents in a car behind her that have strict orders to prevent him from talking to her. He says that her grandfather once saved his life and that she should trust him. Though for reasons that he doesn't specify, he can't directly tell her about Operation: Firefly himself, he does provide her with Slo-Mo Jones' address and tells her to seek him out to get the rest of the story. Alyssa goes to Slo-Mo's home, but he doesn't want to talk to her, claiming that the Crazy S.U.E.'s had signed contracts forbidding them to talk about what had happened. After guilting him by telling him what a brave man her grandfather had claimed him to be, Slo-Mo eventually opens the door and proclaims that he was the one who killed Captain Flame.

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