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Quote1.png I can't go out there again, Slo-Mo. ... They told me they'd make a comic of me. Like it would just clean all of this away. But it's not going to. I've got too much blood on my hands. ... My job was in carpet sales. Not killing people. I didn't even want to be a hero like you guys. I can't control it, Slo-Mo. I keep thinking if I start killing again I'm not going to know how to stop. ... I'm so scared of what I'm becoming. ... I don't know if I'm more afraid to die or more afraid to live. Quote2.png
Captain Flame

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Synopsis for "The Longest Day"

After being injured when Captain Flame's powers flared out of control during a battle against Japanese forces, Slo-Mo Jones was sent to a field hospital to convalesce. When he returned, he noticed a definite change amongst the Crazy S.U.E.S.. They had become a seasoned fighting force, but it hadn't come without costs. Davey Drew suffered scars and blisters all over his body, while Doug Johnson had been incinerated in Captain Flame's explosion, though the official report stated that he had been killed by Japanese fire. Soon after Slo-Mo's return, the unit received notice that they would be transferred to the Western Front. Unfortunately, Vagabond was killed in a surprise attack the day before the SUE's were to ship out.

Slo-Mo Jones had related this story to Alyssa Bryon after she had shown up at his house asking questions about the Crazy SUE's and Operation Firefly. While he openly discussed his former teammates and the unit, he was very reluctant to discuss anything about Operation Firefly. He seemed fearful for the safety of his two daughters, but was eventually persuaded by the persistence of his old friend's granddaughter. He revealed that Captain Flame practically was Operation Firefly. Slo-Mo revealed that Cortez was somewhat unstable, "liable to go off at any second." The rest of the SUE's were all frightened of Cortez and his abilities.

The Crazy SUE's first mission in the Western Front involved an air drop into Sainte Mere Eglise, France, during the D-Day invasion. Their objective was to distract the Germans and make a push into the village, thereby stretching German resources. After landing, Slo-Mo witnessed a large explosion at a nearby farm. He headed towards the farm, assuming the source of the explosion to be Cortez. He did indeed find Cortez, standing over the charred remains of several German soldiers. Unfortunately, Cortez seemed to be in the midst of a mental breakdown, confiding to Jones that he couldn't take all of the death and destruction anymore, that he couldn't control his powers any longer and feared that the next time he killed, he wouldn't be able to stop. Jones attempted to comfort Cortez until they were found by the rest of the unit.

During a party celebrating their success which was attended by some military bigwigs and members of the Invaders, Cortez met new Crazy SUE, American Ace. The two quickly hit it off and slipped out the back door. Slo-Mo noticed them slip away and followed them, witnessing them embrace and kiss in an alley.

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