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Appearing in "The Mystery Of Hangmen's Island"

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  • Jules Durrain



Synopsis for "The Mystery Of Hangmen's Island"

Somewhere in the United States, French patriot Jules Durrain prepares for another broadcast to the people of France encouraging them to support the resistance movement. Listening in on the session is Steve Rogers who has been invited to the broadcast by Durrain's daughter Jeanne. However, the broadcast is cut short due to some jamming frequency. Jeanne believes that it might be the work of Nazis.

Later, back at Camp Lehigh, Steve and James believe that Jeanne's hunch might be correct and decide to investigate as Captain America and Bucky. Meanwhile, Nazi spies plot to kidnap Durrain and break into his home while he and his daughter are sleeping. Captain America and Bucky arrive just as the Nazi spies are attempting to put the two captives in a boat. However, the two heroes only manage to rescue Jeanne from capture. She tells them that the Nazis have taken her father to nearby Hang Man's Island, which has legends of that a murderer was hung in the only house and that it has long been haunted.

Arriving on Hangman's Island, Captain America, Bucky and Jeanne happen to the house and spot the shadow of a hanging man in one of the upstairs windows. Captain America goes in to investigate and finds that it is an hoax to keep people away before tripping a trap door.

Worrying about Cap, Bucky and Jeanne enter the house to look for him and are accosted by the Nazi spies. Brought downstairs the Nazi's leader Von Wolheim tells Jules that if he does not participate in a broadcast to France the "glory" of the Third Reich or face to have his daughter tortured before him. When Bucky attempts to stall for time Von Wolheim is told by one of his men that they have also captured Captain America. Wolheim orders his men to kill Captain America before he can interfere with their plans.

Going to the room where Captain America is being kept prisoner, Cap breaks free and attacks the two men come to kill him. Posing as one of his would be assassins, Captain America forces the other killer to bring him to Jules and the others. Sneaking into the room where Von Wolheim and his men are about to force Jules to make his broadcast, Captain America and Bucky swing into action. Freeing Bucky, the pair knock out Von Wolheim and his men and free Jules who thanks Captain America for his help.

Appearing in "Village Of Vultures"

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Synopsis for "Village Of Vultures"

A military plane wings itself over Brazil on a mission. Their flight is picked up by Nazis who prepare to take down the plane using a radioactive beam. As the American planes engines begin to die, the crew dumps its cargo and prepares for a crash landing when suddenly the jungle below them rolls back revealing a hidden Nazi airfield. Forced to land, the American soldiers are taken prisoner Nazis and their commander Colonel Strauheim.

In the United States, the disappearance of the aircrafts has prompted military intelligence to call in the Human Torch and Toro to investigate what has happened to the planes. Back at the secret Nazi base, Colonel Strauheim finds documents aboard the plane that reveal the details of an American convoy that is set to launch the following days and prepares his men to attack. He then shows his prisoners the full extent of their operations including explosives and chemical weapon capabilities as well as their arsenol before tossing them a chamber where they will be attacked by Strauheim's trained vultures.

Meanwhile, the Human Torch and Toro arrive in the area and begin their investigation, they find the supplies dumped by the last ship that went missing and follow its trail. Finding the Nazi base, the Torch and Toro are attacked by Strauheim's men who attempt to snuff their flames with sprinklers but the trap fails. When Strauheim climbs up a tower to try and put the Torch's flame out with a hose, he instead is knocked down by the Torch's flame and sent falling to his death instead. With the Nazi base destroyed, the Human Torch and Toro return to the States to report back to military intelligence.

Appearing in "Death Rides The Rails"

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Synopsis for "Death Rides The Rails"

Riding a train, the Whizzer reads about the third of a series of daring train robberies committed by Choo-Choo Charley when the ticket master suddenly puts a gun in the heroes face. As fate would have it, Choo-Choo Charley and his men are attempting to rob the very train he is in.

The Whizzer quickly changes into his costume and recaptures the loot. He then learns from the crooks that their boss Choo-Choo Charley has sabotaged the tracks so that the train will crash after they finish robbing it. Rushing ahead and removing a boulder from the tracks, the Whizzer learns that the train was carrying a shipment of gold.

Spotting Choo-Choo Charley and his men, the Whizzer chases them into a rail yard where the crooks attempt to keep the hero busy by setting two trains to collide while they escaped in a third train. The Whizzer manages to stop the collision and catches up with Choo-Choo Charley and his men and easily beats them into submission and turns them over to the authorities.

Appearing in "Raging Rockets Of The Rising Sun"

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Synopsis for "Raging Rockets Of The Rising Sun"

Detroit is bombed by mysterious attackers, when the Air Force is sent out to investigate they find no bombers in the area. Meanwhile, Betty Dean is reporting the story investigates the scene and is soon joined by the Sub-Mariner who wishes to solve the mystery as well. Finding a bomb casing, Betty points out that it has rifling marks which is common of cannons not bombs being dropped.

As they try to make sense of the situation, another air raid siren goes off and Namor saves Betty from a falling bomb. Realizing that the shells are coming from across the the river from Canada, the Sub-Mariner dives into Lake Huron and swims across the Canadian boarder to search for the source of the shellings.

Snooping around, Namor finds a cabin and as he investigates it he is knocked out by a pair of Japanese agents. Tied up, Namor wakes up to find that he is a prisoner along with a fur trapper named Francois who owns the cabin and had it taken from him by the Japanese soldiers. The two are freed by Betty who arrives to help. As they escape the cabin they are attacked by the two Japanese agents but are easily defeated.

They rush to the ridge where the Japanese have set up their cannon to fire shells across the boarder to the United States. Namor and his friends are spotted by the Japanese and easily captured. Betty and Namor are then tied up to the barrel of the cannon, but a sudden rainstorm allows Namor to get his strength back and break free. Namor then fights off the Japanese and turns their own cannon against them, blowing up the Japanese and their weapons stores. With the threat neutralized, Namor is greeted by the RCMP who come to the scene and hear what has transpired.

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